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Navigating the Icefall crossing


PDG Bob Aitken - Rotary End Polio Now Coordinator —

The Base camp ‘home’ for Ken Hutt and his intrepid adventurers, and serious training as team members work their way through the icefall.

Article by PDG Bob Aitken - Rotary End Polio Now Coordinator

Metre by metre, Rotarian paraglider Ken Hutt is closing in on the legendary peak of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest, in the Himalayas in Nepal.

In a special communique received on May 9, Ken reports preparations are going well and he and his team are back at Base Camp for a few days recovery after performing rotations for acclimatisation at higher altitudes.

The rugged base camp scene

The group pushed through the icefall numerous times in preparation for the final summit climb - expected to start at 1:00am on Wednesday, May 11.

Ken says the final trek to stand on the summit will take about five days. They will return to south Col for rest and, finally. the return down the mountain by glider will happen on the sixth day.

However, all plans are subject to weather conditions for climbing and flying. Although there are current cyclones off the coast of India producing cloud in the Himalayas, the experts are saying conditions look good for the historic Polio promotional flight.

There are five climbers in the team, including Ken. The other four are all Brazilians whom Ken has educated about Rotary and the Polio campaign. They are all keen to assist and have offered to carry banners to the top of the mountain which will guarantee images of the Rotary wheel and polio banners on the summit of Everest.

It took some time and intense negotiations to obtain the paragliding permit in Ken’s name, with the assistance of a local paragliding company in Nepal.

Ken Hutt and his team have left nothing to chance in their efforts to launch the event as a major END POLIO NOW promotion. They are accompanied by their own camera crew who will prepare numerous video clips and a special documentary to record the historic flight.