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Happy Membership and New Club Development month!


Barbara Mifsud, Regional Membership Officer, RI staff —

This month we celebrate our greatest assets – our members. Here’s how to join in on the celebrations.

Article by Barbara Mifsud, Regional Membership Officer, RI staff

Happy membership and new club development month! While membership attraction and engagement is everyone’s responsibility all year-round, August has been designated as a month to celebrate Rotary’s greatest asset — our members. Thanks for all that you do and will do this year!

There are many ways to join in on the celebration, but here are several activities to get you started:

  1. Say thanks to your members and other participants for being People of Action and appreciating all the work they do in local and international communities. Use this generic certificate to say thanks, or consider featuring member stories on social media.
  2. Encourage prospective members and other participants to get involved by inviting them to a project or event, or hold an information evening. Use resources such as the prospective member flyer; What’s Rotary? wallet card and customisable club brochure. Check out a local itinerary for an information evening.
  3. Identify ways to make the Rotary experience even more engaging and inclusive by asking current and prospective member what they think. Watch Jennifer Jones talk about the importance of care and comfort. Use a range of club assessment tools such as membership satisfaction survey, member diversity assessment and exit survey.
  4. Make your new members feel welcome by creating a new member orientation program. Research shows that the more information/engagement a new member has from the beginning of the Rotary journey, the longer they stay. Share this welcome video, Rotary Basics online course and Connect for Good publication.
  5. Commit to making membership a priority by appointing a membership chair or establishing a membership committee if your club doesn’t have one. Set a membership goal and report it in Rotary Club Central. Goals don’t need to be complicated. Consider setting a goal to end the Rotary year with +1 net gain.

For more ideas on how to take your membership to the next level check out the Rotary International resources available HERE.