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People of Action


PDG Julie Mason, ARC Rotary Foundation, PP Pauline Stewart, ARC Public Image and PP Jodie Lowe, ARC Membership —

Teamwork takes the Dream to a new level.

Article by PDG Julie Mason, ARC Rotary Foundation, PP Pauline Stewart, ARC Public Image and PP Jodie Lowe, ARC Membership.

A few weeks ago, we came together for the first time to discuss how we would do our new role as Assistant Rotary Coordinators for Rotary Districts 9780, 9800 and 9810. At the end of our meeting, we called ourselves The Dream Team and decided we wanted to innovate our role by working together as a trio for our districts.

For anyone who follows basketball, the original Dream Team was the hugely successful 1992 US men’s Olympic basketball team, featuring legends like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Larry Bird. When we wrote down our skillsets, I don’t recall any of us mentioning basketball. But the name The Dream Team evokes optimism, determination to see new possibilities and embraces RI President Jennifer Jones’ theme of Imagine Rotary.

We also think Paul Harris would be all up for being a little revolutionary in our approach. What we are doing is trying new approaches for working together to serve our districts.

Bringing Public Image and Rotary Foundation together to sell Rotary can have huge benefits for Membership.

Let’s Imagine some life changing projects that passionate Rotarians know will change lives! The Rotary Foundation can help make this happen through the opportunity to secure grant funds. Sharing the outcome of this work shows the impact of Rotary and influences others to do good in our world. Safe births, fresh water, literate children, and peace in a fertile environment. Our Foundation, your bank.

Using the People of Action campaign to highlight the work of Rotarians around the world, we can present a unified Public Image clearly demonstrating that Together we “End Polio” or “Transform” or “Save Lives” – in fact any of the nine templates available in the Brand Centre that make the same powerful statement about the power and reach of The Rotary Foundation to do good in the world.

People of Action

We hope that our team approach might encourage others to harness the power of working collaboratively. What we know already is we’re all thoroughly enjoying learning from each other and working together as The Dream Team.