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PDG Peter Garnett, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator —

With the new Rotary year underway, I’d like to bring to your attention that Rotaract Clubs are now able to access Rotary Foundation grant funds.

Article by PDG Peter Garnett, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

District Grants

District Grants

From January 2022, Districts that apply for a district grant have been able to include Rotaract clubs’ activities in their spending plans.

The Rotary Foundation doesn’t require Rotaract clubs to be qualified before receiving district grant funds. However, districts may choose to make this a requirement for both Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

Global Grants

Global Grants
Global Grants

As of July 2022, Rotaract clubs may apply for global grants to support their service efforts in their own communities or abroad. Note, to be eligible to sponsor a global grant, a Rotaract club needs to have previously worked with a Rotary club or district on a global grant-funded project.

Rotaract clubs need to be qualified to participate in global grants.

While a Rotaract club can be either the Host or International Sponsor, the second sponsor needs to be a Rotary club or district.

Actions Rotary clubs and districts can do to be ready for Rotaract clubs to participate in Rotary grants:

  • Invite Rotaract members to complete a grant management seminar so that their clubs can become qualified to apply for global grants
  • Appoint Rotaractors to district committees and subcommittees
  • Work with Rotaract clubs on grant-funded projects
  • Develop a system to track Rotaract clubs’ participation in global grant projects
  • Ask Rotaract members to help organize a fundraiser
  • Consider changing how district designated funds (DDF) are distributed in order to increase Rotaract involvement
  • Invite Rotaract clubs to participate in project fairs
  • Work with Rotaract clubs in the district to make sure they have reported their current membership information to Rotary

Actions Rotaract clubs do to be ready to get involved in Rotary grants:

  • Learn about Rotary grants
  • Participate in a grant management seminar and work with district leaders to become qualified to apply for global grants
  • Help conduct a community assessment
  • Take an active role in implementing a project funded by a district or global grant
  • Work with a Rotary club to organize a fundraiser for a grant-funded project
  • Participate in public relations and advocacy efforts for a grant-funded project
  • Contribute technical, cultural, or academic expertise to a grant-funded project
  • Make sure that your club’s current membership information has been reported to Rotary

Learn more by downloading FAQ about Rotaract and grants