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Mentoring, photo credit: taken from Mentoring Basics course on the Learning Centre


Barbara Mifsud, Regional Membership Officer —

Rotary International regularly adds and updates courses so you get more value from your membership.

Article by Barbara Mifsud, Regional Membership Officer

We have added and updated a number of courses:

NEW! Creating an inclusive club culture (EN) is an important first step when building a diverse club. Otherwise, prospective members may not feel welcome and new members may not feel they belong. Take this course for guidance, including tips for talking about DEI, identifying what shapes our perspectives, and making necessary changes to make your club more inclusive.

UPDATED! Best Practices for Engaging Members (EN). Is your club losing more members than it’s gaining? Is participation low at meetings and events? Are the same few people doing all the work? Because your club’s members are at different stages in life and in their membership, their needs differ too. You’ll learn how to energise the club experience, keep members interested and prevent your club from becoming stale.

UPDATED! Online Member Leads (EN). Learn about the membership leads process, from creating a positive experience for prospective members to converting those leads into active members.

Starting a Club (EN) and (FR). In this course you’ll learn about the process of starting a Rotary, Rotaract or satellite club, tips for engaging with prospective members, and ways to ensure your new club is successful.

Did you know that non-members who have an active My Rotary account can access over 20 courses in the Learning Centre? This helps to give potential members a taste of what their membership will entitle them to. Courses they can access include: Committing to DEI, Fundraising basics, Essentials of understanding conflict, Leading change, Rotary basics and Mentoring basics among others.

You can access the latest course catalogue for both members and non-members HERE.

Mentoring, photo credit: taken from Mentoring Basics course on the Learning Centre