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PDG Dennis Shore - Endowment / Major Gifts Adviser —

Every year more Rotarians are making The Rotary Foundation their charity of Choice and directing their dollars to power-up their passion.

Article by PDG Dennis Shore - Endowment / Major Gifts Adviser

The Rotary Foundation is the charity of choice for Rotarians because they know that more good can be done in the world through their giving – and they are giving.

Over recent years individuals have been the major source of contributions to The Rotary Foundation. In 2020-21, excluding the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, individuals (of which 95% were Rotarians or former Rotarians) contributed over US $187 million or just over 75% of total outright contributions to all Rotary Foundation funds. Rotary clubs and districts contributed just under 20%. The remaining 5% came from businesses, charities or government.

Almost 38% of Rotarians made a personal contribution to one or more of The Foundation funds. Just over 86% of clubs made a contribution. For the Annual Fund the corresponding contributions were 33.6% and 81.5%. For PolioPlus the contribution levels were 11.7% and 56.4%.

Rotarians may contribute any amount directly to Global Grants. Many Rotarians are contributing significant amounts with 1876 gifts of US $10,000 or more providing US $65.8 million to power Foundation projects.

An increasing number of Rotarians are choosing to provide directed gifts to support Global Grants for projects that they want to see realised. A Directed Gift of US $30,000 or more may support one or more global grants sponsored by a district chosen by the donor.

TRF transforming your gifts

And what Areas of Focus do Rotarians prioritise? Disease prevention and treatment is far and away the target for Global Grants with 1020 grants for a value of nearly US $75 million. The table below shows the breakdown for the 6 Areas of Focus that were available in 2020-21. It will be interesting to see what the demand will be for projects supporting the environment in the years ahead.

Nurse gathers details before a mammogram at the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The clinic offers free cancer screening, education, and counselling funded by a Global grant. 


Grants By Primary Area Of Focus

If a Directed Gift is something that might be of interest to a reader, Mark Anderson (Mark.Anderson@rotary.org) or Dennis Shore (djshore@bigpond.net.au) can assist you to understand what is achievable but more importantly how to translate your passion into action.

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