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See watch has been happening in the PE and Health Faculty this term ...

Carolyn Katu —

Year 12 Health 

These students are currently doing their assessment on Health Promotion. They have chosen different health issues that have been identified as being areas of concern for New Zealand teenagers. During Week 10 of Term 3, they have conducted different activities to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week.

Below is a brief description of what our students selected.

Mental Health relating to pressures of NCEA - this group chose to do an online promotion by introducing our new Guidance Counsellor, Lara Baidoo, with tips on how to cope with stress.

Deactivate to Reconnect - this group came up with fun activities to do at Whanau time and during lunchtimes to encourage students to deactivate from their device and reconnect with those around them.

Drug Issues - this group invited guest speakers Hannah Francis and Evarna Koia to come and speak to a group of Year 11s and 13s about substance abuse.

Mental Health - This group also conducted an online promotion around reaching out for help if you are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Sexual Health - this group will conduct a lunchtime seminar in Term 4 around sexual health.

Aimee, Lily, Haylee and Brooke with guest speakers Evarna and Hannah — Image by: Sarah Davis
Louise, Raiha, Ms Baidoo (new counsellor) and Jaya — Image by: Sarah Davis

Year 9 and 10 Sport Education - Volleyball Tournament.

On Thursday 17th September we held our annual Sport Education Tournament amongst the Year 9 and 10 PE classes. Throughout the term, they had been working on their Volleyball skills and strategies in teams that were run by student coaches. Our Year 12 and 13 Sport Leader students were also heavily involved in the tournament with the Year 13s coaching as part of their Leadership assessment, and the Year 12s organising and running the tournament as part of their Implemenation of a Physical Activity assessment. Well done to everyone involved who helped to run a fun and enjoyable day for our Junior students. Thank you to Ms Woolfard who used pyrography to burn the wording into our trophies and also to Mrs Beamish for coordinating the Year 12 and 13 Sport Leader students.


Year 9 - 1st Place: Purple Dragons (9 Ako)

Year 9 - Runners Up: Bumble Bee’s (9 Tika)

Year 9 - Best Dressed: Robyn Hoodies (9 Awhi)

Year 10 - 1st Place: Hawaiiki (10 Aro)

Year 10 - Runners Up: Santorini (10 Mana)