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He'lena Dou'ble - 2021 Head Girl
Photo by Kay Asplin

My Experience in Lockdown

He'lena Dou'ble —

Expressed through Creative Writing a Year 13 English Assessment

Helena’s Creative Writing (of Lockdown 2021):

Eyes wide open, my arms reach for the sky while my feet bend like a ballerina standing on the tip of her toes. Glancing over at my phone, the notifications call for my attention but my ears are sheltered by the sound of silence. I don't have to move. I don't have to rush. I don't have to answer to a single soul. Everything is so peaceful and life seems simple as I eventually begin my day with a sip of warm chocolate milo and a bowl of mum's famous porridge. On the kitchen table, the dirtiness of my empty plate seems like my biggest priority. I run the tap. The sink halfway filled, I feel the rising steam of the hot water cleansing my face as my hands soak into the bubbles. Then with my wrinkled fingers, I neatly iron and then fold my pyjamas ready to slide back into after my shower. Stepping into a bubble of mist, I heed the sounds of the water rushing out of the showerhead, hitting my skin ever so gracefully and putting my body in an overwhelming state of relaxation. To top this off, I move onto the couch where I sink into the softness of the cushions and with the remote in hand, decide on a movie. I explore the fantasy genre, a way for me to get lost amongst wonderful things and just forget about the craziness of this world.

A sudden visit from my family. Crates of wood are loaded into our home while my papa puts a match to the fireplace. Making a horseshoe around the fireplace, our eyes attach to the shades of orange blooming from the flame as our tummies crave for marshmallows. Getting warm and cosy, storytelling fills the room as we pack our bags preparing to take a trip down memory lane. With three mattresses and a few blankets, what was once a bed has now turned into a hut. This wasn’t your ordinary hut. This was an opportunity to let our imagination run wild. Buckled up on a spaceship our crew prepare to land on the moon. Next thing we’re in the Atlantic freezing to death. And all of a sudden the floor is lava with hazard signs saying, “DON'T TOUCH THE GROUND.” Back on earth, one person sets up a game of cards while another dust off the board games ageing in the draw. In all of this time phones and television became the least to exist. This was pure family time. During my experience in isolation I have learnt that life is not all cakes and butterflies, but what I do know is that there is always good even in the worst of times. 

In conclusion, my experience in isolation has been a time of restoration. Initially I struggled to find the motivation to be the leader everyone needed me to be. By spending quality time with family and taking a step back from my commitments, I became more appreciative of the little things in life. In many ways, lockdown helped me to regain the motivation and passion in being the best possible version of a leader I can be.