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Photo by Trish Pike

2020 Junior EOTC Programme

Trish Pike —

To celebrate the end of 2020, our junior school spent three days experiencing some exciting activities.

DAY 1: Community Service Day:

Our junior school was busy creating and participating in a range of activities with the aim of serving our local and wider communities. From greetings cards and gift sets for rest homes, Harakeke bouquets, jewellery gift sets and thank you cards for our essential workers – our juniors fully immersed themselves into making something beautiful to gift to others in the community.

Image by: Trish Pike

DAY 2: SportsTacular Day:

It was an action-packed day enjoyed by all! Our year 9’s and 10’s donned their house colours, participating and engaging in a range of fun sporting activities. Experiences outside the classroom reinforce learning by enabling students to develop positive relationships with their peers, and to make connections between what they have learned in the classroom and the world beyond the classroom.

Education and activities outside the classroom also give students opportunities to demonstrate the key competencies such as, managing self, relating to others, including participating and contributing with others.

Image by: Trish Pike

DAY 3: Lake Day: ‘Celebrate good times’! 

A bus trip to the Blue Lake for the day was a great way for us to celebrate and end what turned out to be a tumultuous year. Our juniors enjoyed a day of relaxing with their friends, picnic BBQ, a game of volleyball, and swimming. It was a great chance for both teachers and their students to sit back, reflect and share learning experiences this year.

Image by: Trish Pike