Hero photograph
Photo by Kay Asplin

Staff Farewells

Sarah Davis —

At the end of Term 4 we farewelled two staff members:

Shirley Tickelpenny -  Wellness Centre Co-ordinator

Image by: Shirley Tickelpenny

Shirely has retired this year from her position she has held in the school since 2000. She has run the Wellness Centre during this time. I can’t even begin to imagine how many Panadol she has distributed, how many plasters she’s given out, how many temperatures she’s taken or how many stories she has listened to and given comfort to.

To teach and learn in our school would be so difficult without our Wellness Centre. It is there for the times that are hard, the times we need support and love.

We thank Shirley for all of the years of care and attention she has given us.

Heidi Wolfaard - Mathematics Teacher

Image by: Kay Asplin

Heidi Wolfaard is moving to another school in Rotorua. We thank her for everything she has done in Maths this year. We wish Heidi all the best for her future.