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Raewyn Krammer
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Across the Deputy Principal’s Desk

Raewyn Krammer —

Reminder for all students to be in their whanau class at 8.40 am each morning. The first bell rings at 8.35 am. Please ensure you drop your daughter off before 8.40 am each morning, as it is important that students attend whanau for the marking of their attendance and to receive daily notices, discuss their attendance, academic progress etc.

Uniform Review:

Thank you to those students who are wearing correct uniform and are wearing it with pride. Students may wear black Roman sandals or stockings and black shoes for the remainder of the year. We do not have socks in our uniform; please check that your daughter does not come to school wearing socks and shoes. 

We are currently conducting a review of our uniform, if you have any thoughts regarding our uniform, please do not hesitate to email me at rkrammer@rghs.school.nz. We value your input as parents and would love to hear from you.

Kids Can Charitable Trust Jackets:

We wish to thank Howard Gilbert from Kids Can Charitable Trust and ASB for donating over 300 warm, waterproof navy school jackets to our students to wear. This was a fabulous opportunity for our students.

If your daughter would like a jacket and has not yet received one, she can contact her Dean.


NCEA (National Certificate in Educational Achievement):

Recognition Credits:

NZQA has brought in recognition credits to assist student to achieve their NCEA credits because of the disruption caused by COVID19.

In 2020, for every 5 credits students achieve, you are entitled to 1 additional Learning Recognition (LR) credit. Up to 10 Learning Recognition credits can count towards NCEA Level 1 and up to 8 Learning Recognition credits can count towards Levels 2 or 3. NZQA will count these credits towards the qualification students are closest to achieving and these will appear on the student’s Record of Achievement during January when external examination results are published.

Derived Grade:

A derived grade is available if, for an approved reason you:

  • Could not sit an external examination or submit your completed portfolio (Design and Visual Communication, Technology, or Level 3 Visual Arts).
  • Sat an NZQA external examination and believe your performance has been significantly affected.
  • Have been selected for national representation in a sport or approved activity. You need to see Mrs Krammer, your school’s Principal’s Nominee for a pre-approved form.

Approved reasons include:

  • A temporary acute non-recurring illness at the time of the examinations
  • Significant conditions diagnosed after 1 October or traumatic event after 1 October
  • A current sudden and significant change to a long-term illness at the time of the examinations
  • Trauma, misadventure, or exceptional circumstances at the time of the examinations.

What students need to do?

  • See Mrs Krammer, the school's Principal Nominee to:
  1. Help you apply and what to apply for.
  2. Ensure all appropriate information is provided in your application.
  3. Make the application to NZQA on your behalf.

NZQA approves a derived grade based on the evidence provided by your teachers.

Derived Grades for Portfolios must be in before Thursday, 12 November 2020 for Design and Visual Communication, Technology, or Level 3 Visual Arts. For external examinations, applications must be in before 5.00 pm on Thursday, 10 December 2020 for all other subjects.

NZQA will write to your if your application is declined. If your application is received on time and approved, your derived grades will appear on your results notice in January.

Digital NCEA External Examinations:

Some subjects are running digital external examinations this year. Before students decide to enter a digital examination in 2020, they should consider if they are using a computer to learn and should check with their teachers to see if they are running digital examinations in their senior school classes.

How do students get ready for a digital NCEA external examination?

Students will need to familiar themselves with the digital examination platform. Students can visit the NCEA Student Exam Hub at https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea/, which will help the students become familiar with digital examinations. They will also find digitised past examination papers as well as the Digital Exams Device check to prepare your device if students are choosing to use their own device.

NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement)

We wish to congratulate the following 56 students for achieving NCEA in the following levels as at Week 10, Term 3, 2020:

Level 1: Kathleen Cole WJB, Payton Edmonds-Kameta WCP, Lilli Harris-Dobbs WER, Lahaina Kiel MTL, Priya Konduru WVR, Asyannah Llagas WST, Carly Ohia TBM, Rangimahuta Renati TDN, Alicia Sigley WRL, Atiria Stanley-Hardiman MWL, Laila Tai WOC, Anania Tangohau WOC, Leilani Teague WER, Nadea Yee MDD, Talakeysha Tahata MKC, Ruth Ediyan TNS, Leane van Rensburg TBM, Raukura-Tia Hona-Paku MFA (18)

Level 2: Rosemary Barron WOC (2019), Giana Bidois Mihaka MKC, Lexie Brothers WOC (2019), Manaia Brown TKW, Hayley Cresswell WOC, Sonya Cropp MWL, Jade Fairley MTL, Caitlyn Harman TBR,Te Aowheoro Hohepa-Gardiner TDN, Haylee Jones, MKC, Cassandra Kiff THY, Raiha Mahaki TBM, Jorja Maxwell MWL, Lousie Oliver TBR, Manaia Peeti TDN, Mindy Praditduang TTW, Heriata Rukupo TBR, Hope Smith MSJ, Shayde Taylor MWL, Danisha Te Kaawa WCN, Trinity Tuahuru (2019) TMO, Ellie Ward WST, Aimee Whata WJB, Kylah Williams WRL, Ruth Ediyan TNS, Bianca Maaka TDN, Eve Tau WST, Leane van Rensburg TBM (28)

Level 3: Ashly Atchico THY, Joie Precious Bravo (2019) MKC, Chardae Dyer WJB, Ruth Ediyan TNS, Taini Paul-Tomoana WVR, Jayda Rossi-Baker WOC, Shay Tahana TBR, Eve Tau WST, Gloria Tawake WJB, Leane van Rensburg TBM (10).

PB4L: (TE AO Recognitions)

During term 3 we are celebrating TE AO recognitions of A = Always Shows Respect. We are also reporting the TE AO recognitions for Term 2 as shown in the table below:


Image by: Raewyn Krammer

Congratulations to all successful students who are walking the TE AO PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) values. There continues to be an increase in recognitions and badges being rewarded this year.

A = Always shows RESPECT:

5 easy ways to show people Respect:

  • Listen
  • Encourage
  • Congratulate
  • Be helpful
  • Say thank you/nga mihi


Student are encouraged to use their NZQA login to create an account online and log in. This will enable them to:

  • check their details and entries
  • view their results
  • access the digital examination platform, if they have been entered for NCEA online examinations
  • generate their New Zealand Record of Achievement online and if eligible request official copies of their certificates
  • apply for a review or reconsideration

We also encourage students to photograph their login card and keep their NSN (National Student Number) in their phone or device.

Follow these steps for access:

  1. Go to the NZQA login in page
  2. Student Services
    -   Students and Learners Login or current and past students (secondary, tertiary and          on job training) to access their Record of Achievement, order certificates and more.
  3. Create an account – if you have not logged in before, you will need to know your National Student Number (NSN) to complete your account creation. Students can see their Dean, Teacher or Mrs Krammer to find this number.


Image by: Raewyn Krammer

NCEA ASSEMBLY: We will be holding our NCEA information assembly for all students sitting NCEA external examinations on Monday, 9 November 2020. Students willreceive their examination timetables and admission slips and will meet our new Examination Centre Manager – Sue Baker. Please ensure your daughter is at school on this day to receive these documents and to hear the examination information so she is well set up to sit her external examinations.