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Umanga celebrating Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori Week


· Ka whakatōpū te umanga i ō wheako katoa i te roanga o tō oranga.

· A career brings together all the experiences you have over your lifetime.

· Tae rawa atu tēnei ki tō taha whānau, ki ō hoatanga, ki te ahurea, ngā ngohe hapori, ngā whiringa rēhia, te mahi me te ako.

· This includes your family life, friendships, culture, community activities, leisure choices, work and learning.

· Ka whakaawe ēnei wheako i ō uara, ā, ka āwhina i tō whai pūkenga hou.

· These experiences shape your values and help you gain new skills.

· Tēnā whakaarohia ngā ngohe e pai ana ki a koe i te kura, i tō wā wātea, i roto rānei i tō mahi o nāianei.

· Think about activities that interest you at school, in your free time or in a job you already have.

All students should keep an eye on the school year level Facebook pages for news on the many events and opportunities coming up!

Year 13 Students should have submitted their online Halls applications into the Universities they are planning to attend in 2021. The due date is 30 September 2020. However, students can still submit a late Halls application but they will go on a wait list and will receive second round offers as places are released.

All University COURSE applications are now open and students can apply now. Please come and see Mrs Oldman in Careers if you need any help with your course applications.


Image by: Althea Oldman


Image by: Althea Oldman

Are you in your final year at secondary school?

Thinking about what's next and the best option for you when school finishes can be tough. To help with your decisions sign up for our updates.


Welcome to our fees-free update, bringing you answers to some of the most common questions.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, check out the FAQs on the fees-free website.

Fees-free is managed by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Students can check if they can get fees-free study at www.feesfree.govt.nz.

Students who are New Zealanders and will finish school in 2019, may qualify for a year of fees-free tertiary study or two years of industry training in 2020.

Find out more about the eligibility for fees-free.

How to check if a student can get fees-free study
Students can go to www.feesfree.govt.nz and enter their National Student Number (NSN) to check. The majority of secondary school students should receive a 'yes - you are eligible' response.

If a student receives a 'we are not sure' response, they may need to provide further information to TEC. The fees-free website will let them know what they need to do.

How does a student apply for fees-free?
Students don't need to apply for fees-free.

Once the student has enrolled, TEC will check the student's details and if eligible, will pay the fees directly to the tertiary education provider or industry training organisation. They can pay up to a maximum of $12,000 incl GST per year.

Does a student still need to apply to StudyLink?
If a student only needs their fees paid they won't need to apply for a Student Loan unless their fees are over $12,000.

If a student wants to apply for a Student Allowance or the living and course-related costs parts of a Student Loan they'll still need to apply to StudyLink.

If you've got any further questions you can check out the fees-free website or call the fees-free helpline on 0800 687 775.

Image by: Althea Oldman

Our Student Jobs guide links to 50+ New Zealand employers hiring students part-time. It also encourages students to put together a CV.

Link: https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/student-jobs.html

MoneyHub has updated its comprehensive directory of student jobs. With 50+ well-known employers listed and links to their student job application details, getting a part-time job is a lot easier with this guide: https://www.moneyhub.co.nz/student-jobs.html

This guide is free to use, download and take action on. We have published a number of tips for job application success as well as a CV guide and interview tips, designed to make the application process less stressful for students.

Image by: Althea Oldman

New in 2021: Bachelor of Data Science

Data science is one of the world’s fastest growing professions. The Bachelor of Data Science degree (BDataSc)* will prepare you to excel in our data-focused world. You’ll learn how to analyse past and current data; reveal patterns and trends on a large scale; and provide predictions and insights into everything from social behaviours to the natural environment.

Check out the video to discover what the degree is all about.

NEW in 2021: Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours

The Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours (BEnvSci(Hons))* is a career-focused degree that will prepare you with the knowledge and skills to solve environmental and global sustainability challenges. As a BEnvSci graduate you’ll be uniquely prepared and qualified to make the world a better place for generations to come – mō tātou, ā, mō ngā uri ā muri ake nei. Check out the video to discover what the degree is all about.


University of Auckland support for Secondary School students affected by Covid-19

The University of Auckland recognises that there may be a small number of students whose programme of study has been so severely impacted by Covid-19 that they are unlikely to meet even the modified University of Auckland entrance requirements for 2021. For these students the University is open to considering a recommendation from a school principal as to their suitability for University study through Discretionary Entry. All school principals have been sent this notification by VC Professor Dawn Freshwater last Friday. In this email, Principals have been advised that if they are aware of Year 13 students who have the potential be successful at University but who have been so impacted by Covid-19 that their likely UE success (even with the modified UE requirement) has been severely compromised, they are able to contact our Admissions Team who will arrange a further discussion with the principal and the students on options, including discretionary entry.

Future Student Guide

The University of Auckland has developed a great tool for students who may been help planning their studies, discovering career pathways and study options. The Future Student Guide will ask students about their subject interests, career interests, and personal qualities in order to generate a set of study suggestions relevant to their answers. Students can access the guide at guide.auckland.ac.nz.

Kahu Virtual Campus – Tuia ō kōingo manawa, You World Your Way

This online experience is a brand-new interactive way for future students to discover our spaces and places from home. Students can explore all that the university has to offer, from places and spaces to campus resources and practical information such as scholarships, key dates and what's on. Students and their whanau will also be able to chat live to support advisors in the contact centre. To find out more and explore this new experience visit yourworld.auckland.ac.nz

Updated Undergraduate Prospectus, Introduction to the University of Auckland and Subject Guide 2021

Our Undergraduate Prospectus 2021, Introduction to the University of Auckland 2021 and the Subject Guide for Students 2021 have all been updated in line with changes to University of Auckland entrance requirements for 2021.

These are available to view and download on the Undergraduate Prospectuses 2021 page on our website.

Why it's important for women to study engineering

Image by: Althea Oldman

Female engineering graduates and engineers are in high demand.

Engineering skills are in short supply, and it’s predicted that future jobs will increasingly require these types of technical skills.

The number of women working in engineering is increasing but more are needed.

Women can help meet the demand for technical skills while also closing the gender gap in the mostly male engineering industry.

There are options to study or train for free with the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) and Fees Free.

Less women studying engineering at tertiary level

Image by: Althea Oldman

After secondary school, women tend to study health and biological sciences at tertiary level more than technical science subjects such as engineering.

Declining study trends continue into employment as there are even fewer female engineers.

According to the Ministry for Women, most Bachelor of Science (BSc) students are women. However, women make up:

· less than 25% of Bachelor of Science engineering students

· less than 13% of engineers

· just 7% of chartered professional engineers.

Why engineering is a good career for women

There are currently not enough engineers to meet the demand for workers. Women can help fill this skills gap.

Engineering jobs are not only well paid and secure, they’re also important for New Zealand’s future. For example, environmental engineers are needed to assess and reduce the impact of engineering projects on our water, soil and air.


Blast-OFF Free access for 2020

Image by: Althea Oldman

Blast-OFF! is a job ready program for year 11 - 12’s and older and its now free to use.

The MyCareerMatch Blast-OFF! Program will prepare students for life after they leave school. The program is a comprehensive 27 lesson online course that will equip students with the employability skills they’ll need when they enter the workforce or further study.

Students access BLAST-OFF! from school or home. When completed they receive a personalised Certificate of Completion they can show to future employers.


The event will take place during the school holidays - Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Girls in Games

Over the course of the day, the girls are introduced to creating art assets for games in 2D or 3D. We will be running workshops over BB collaborate and will provide a link to join the workshop classes. They'll be using different free downloadable software that allows them to create amazing cross-platform games, and gain valuable insights from Media Design School's Game Development faculty.

Senior Girls in Games: Year 11-13

Tuesday 6thOctober: 8.30am - 4pm

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/virtual-senior-girls-in-games-tickets-116062180105