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From the Year 13 Dean's Desk - Jaylene Tamati

Jaylene Tamati —

In each bulletin there will be an article from one of our senior leaders up dating what has been happening in their specific area. This week's article comes from from Sports Captains Mihimanawa Mihaka and Maia Jenner

It has been a slow start to the year with sports throughout our school, but this term it has slowly kicked off again. 

For the girls in our kura, Wednesday night netball has just started with around seven Rotorua Girls' High School teams participating. Our basketball girls have also started up with Thursday nights, with two teams entered and again on Friday with the Prem 1 basketball team travelling to Hamilton to participate in. 

Recently, our Year 13 PE class went white water rafting on the Kaituna river and had the best experience. Having opportunities with outdoor education within our school is a great way to get more students to participate and gain a positive outlook on physical activity. Girls who aren't that interested in physical activity found that they really enjoyed it, which has sparked an interest in them maybe doing Waka Ama. This trip was a great way for us girls to improve our teamwork skills, communicate with each other and also experience something most of us have never done before. 

Our school provides a wide range of different sports, starting from Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Touch, Hockey, Soccer, Athletic teams and many more. There is a big variety to try if physical activity is something you are passionate about. All these teams offer many opportunities for you to travel our country, play different tournaments within our region and go off and represent our school. 

 Also Our Year 13 PT class is also taking up Gymnastics as one of our assessments this year. This is a great way to learn new skills and have the opportunity to go to Mid Island gym to be taught by some experts. 

 Down below are some photos from sports teams and other curricula  that our school has to offer.