Hero photograph
Anna Olsen - Year 12 PE student - Winner of the   fastest mountain biking time of 12.09
Photo by Carolyn Katu

Te Ohu Hakinakina - PE and Health Faculty

Carolyn Katu —

Most of our PE classes have experienced some form of Education Outside The Classroom this term and I thank all of my hard working staff for the organisation that goes into planning and implementing trips outside of school.

Not only do these trips provide a context in which to assess different achievement standards, but they provide ākonga with a rich life experience as well. All of these trips have either been provided at no cost to whanau or at minimal cost for overnight trips. Therefore, we need parent support to ensure that ākonga are at their practical assessments.

Read on to see what our classes have been up to.

Year 9 Duathlon

This term our Year 9 students have been working on whakapiki mauri - raising our life force through exercise. Ākonga started training towards their duathlon at the beginning of the year and identified an area that was in mauri noho (languishing life force), we then thought about what could be done to raise our life force through mauri oho (awakening of our life force) through engagement in a number of different fitness sessions including running to the aquatic centre and swimming. Now that ākonga have completed the duathlon, they are reflecting on their journey to identify how their life force has been improved through mauri ora (flourishing life force).

Ave Frost - 9 ARO - Eventual winner in a time of 19.34 — Image by: Carolyn Katu

On Tuesday 21st March we transported our Year 9 classes to Lake Okareka to complete a 2.4km run and a 400m swim. They warmed up with some Jump Jam to the classics - Picking coconuts from the coconut tree and Witch Doctor before setting off from Boyes Beach along the boardwalk track to the Lake Okareka campsite then turning around to run back to the Boyes Beach to start their swim leg. Congratulations to Ave Frost (9 Aro) who completed the duathlon in the fastest overall time of 19.35, followed by Taris Waikiki-Walters (9 Wana) in 21.30 and Tiara (9 Aro) in 22 minutes.

Image by: Carolyn Katu

Well done to all of the top three place getters in each of the classes:

9 AKO        1st - Payton Laurence; 2nd - Tyla Albrecht;   3rd - Huiarangi Waititi

9 ARO         1st - Ave Frost; 2nd - Tiare Strickland; 3rd - Abby Morrissey
9 KAHA      1st - Anaia Hoods; 2nd - Wenirata Kameta-Noanoa; 3rd - Kiri Panapa
9 WANA     1st - Tariss Waikiki-Walters; 2nd - Stevie Paul; 3rd - Joyce Makiha
9 TIKA        1st - Fire Wiseman; 2nd - Hyvahna-Moeroa Morris-Mare
9 PONO     1st - Envy Lambert-Nuku; 2nd - Peyton Ingram-Rogers;
                                                   3rd - Chloe Hepi-Ritete
9 AWHI       1st - Hine Falwasser; 2nd - Kaleya Hamilton; 3rd - Taimoana Kingi-Haimona
9 MANA     1st - JaeJae Wickliffe; 2nd - Charmayne Pari; 3rd - Lilly Mott

12 Sport Leader

The Year 12 Sport Leader class have been out mountain biking in the Whakarewarewa Forest and completed their practical riding assessment on Friday 24th March. Students had to ride 2 x laps of the end of Creek trail in the fastest time. Well done to all students who achieved the required standard and to Ms Lee-Parker who took two catch-up groups out. 

Getting helmets fitted by Lennore from Planet Bike — Image by: Carolyn Katu

Congratulations to Anna Olsen who won the Year 12 Mountain Biking trophy for the fastest time of 12.09. Ākonga are now completing a written assessment on Risk Analysis for mountain biking. Thank you to Lennore and Ed from Planet bike for providing the bikes and helmets.

Mountain Biking Results

Excellence:    Anna Olsen, Jaya Whyte, Sierra Harris, Millie Simpkins, Tiare Roimata, Te Aniwaniwa Rameka, Te Haku a Rangi Tumarae                                  

Merit:  Savahna Anderson - Stafford, Wikitoria Aramoana, Waimiiria Kautai, Kiara Paul, Bree Ingram-Rogers, Bonnie Paton, Lacey Whareaitu, Cylest Benfell, Moerewarewa Tunui, Rakaia Milner, Jade Epapara,  Tilah Epapara

 Achieved:  Kalarni Garmson, Eliana Walmsley

11 Physical Education

In Week 7, the year 11 PE classes travelled to Mount Maunganui for two days of surfing lessons. Students were assessed on their surfing skills and use of strategy. We were lucky to have beautiful weather and a fantastic group of students who have shared some of their thoughts about the experience.

“Doing surfing inspired me for the future, I would love to do it again”

“Everyone was really positive the whole time, I was able to connect with others through surfing, encouraging them, and feeling proud what they could achieve”

“I felt refreshed and more connected to the ocean”

“I kept falling but I did not give up, I was motivated to keep trying and eventually I was able to catch a wave”

“This trip related to our classwork this term perfectly and it has been a wonderful learning journey”

Excellence: Valencia Davies, Shekinah Maxwell, Manurau Gourlay, Moana Uerata, Mikyla Merriman, Lucia Cianci, Ella Cudby, Capri Allen, Kay-Lee Haira Emery

Merit:  Manaia White, Manaia Morrison, Lydia-Faith Te Hiko, Madison Cairns, Shantae George, Ella Gotz, Jaeah Hignett-Flood, Penina Laupua, Trinity Rakena, Tarita Tanirau

Achieved:   Terinata Epapara, Santana Ballantyne, Saffron Carston, Nevaeh Le Comte, Lyrics Schuester, Madison Murphy, Liliana Wills, Kaylen Taylor, Kataraina Longdin-Cope, Florence Grace, Merena Campbell, Sadie Chase, Christine Hodges, Waimarama Matchitt, Awezum Rogue

13 Sport Leader and PE Snorkeling

Our Year 13 Sport Leader and Physical Education classes had the amazing experience of travelling up to Leigh to go snorkeling at a Marine Reserve at Goat Island. In the lead up to the trip the students had been training hard to learn and perfect their snorkeling skills, including diving to depths of 4 metres under water, swimming up to 10 metres underwater, and completing a full buddy rescue. 

Image by: Kay Asplin

Theory work has also accompanied this practical, with the Sport Leader class focusing on safety management while the PE class has focused on biomechanics and performance improvement. We congratulate all our students for their hard work and perseverance in this unit of work and we look forward to seeing the final theory work completed for more excellent grades!

Excellence:  Priya Fitzgerald, Mufaro Mapengo, Maria Morgan-Ranui, Honey Parker, Kaihau Pou Poasa, Kasey Taikato, Emmerson Webster, Paris Wilson, Lucinda Brown, Terri Matthews, Nicky Karatiana, Te Aniwaniwa Rameka

Merit:  Crystal Braddock, Grace Tuakana-Hudson, Journey Simiona, Cheyenne Hirst, CJ Baker, Manava Upoko

Achieved:  Izzy Emery

12 Physical Education - Sport Climbing

The Year 12 Physical Education class spent the first term learning the skills required for Sport Climbing and Bouldering, using the amazing resource we have in town at The Wall. We thank Simon for sharing his expertise and guidance with the girls learning about belaying, abseiling, holds, balance and centre of gravity in climbing. The girls had 5 sessions at The Wall - 2 of which were learning skills, while 3 were perfecting them for their performance standard. At the same time in the classroom, they have been looking at the understanding of their demonstration, through the biophysical principles needed when learning a new skill.

I congratulate the girls on their hard work and perseverance needed to overcome fear of heights, trust of another person (belayer) to succeed and taking a risk to go outside their comfort zone as they challenged themselves on the complex climbs.

Excellence:   Anna Ohlsen, Te Haku a Rangi Tumarae

Merit:     Tegan Allison, Eve King, Savannah Rogers, Leilani White, Eliana Walmsley, Waimiiria Kautai, Bree Ingram-Rogers, Kiara Paul, Sierra Harris

Achieved:  Bonnie Paton, Ropere Tito, Jaya Whyte, Savahna Anderson-Stafford

Volleyball Report

We have been grateful to have coaches Diana Roimata and Christian Schaaf come back on board with Volleyball this year. Dee and Christian bring a wealth of volleyball knowledge and experience with them, however, it is their enthusiasm and passion for volleyball that really speaks volumes. Along with Mrs Katu as the B team coach and Teacher in Charge of Volleyball, it is great to have volleyball back up and running in the Senior School.

For the first time in a very long time, we fielded two teams in the Bay of Plenty Secondary Schools Volleyball tournament. Being unseeded meant that we had to start in the bottom pool but over the 3 weekends of volleyball we managed to work our way up from the bottom. Our skills, positioning on court and understanding of the game has improved remarkably compared to the first weekend of games and our coaches are excited to see what is possible with more preparation time.

Term 4 is all about Junior volleyball so we will be calling for interested Junior volleyball players next term to start skills training.  

Nga mihi

Caroyn Katu
Head of Faculty