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Josmi Joju
Photo by Caro;yn Katu

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Carolyn Katu —

Year 13 Police Studies Update

Check out what ex Police Studies student (2021) Josmi Joju (pictured above) is up to! Josmi applied for a 6 month contract with the New Zealand Police based in Wellington. She worked for the Arms Safety team, which means anyone applying for a firearms licence fills in an application that goes to Josmi first. At the end of her contract, she applied for a permanent position and was the successful applicant. Josmi has also been featured in a NZ Police recruitment flyer for this role.

Josmi’s dream is to join the NZ Police as a constable and she is working hard towards making her dream a reality by focussing on her fitness. She is making amazing progress and has knocked off nearly 2 minutes in her 2.4km run time going from 14.23 in 2021 to now hitting 12.24 which is 11 seconds off the time she needs to reach. Not content with this, she is aiming for a time of 11.15 which will give her more points towards the Physical Appraisal Test. Goes to show that if you want something bad enough, you will moving mountains to reach it. 

 Well done Josmi. If you are interested in finding out more about Police Studies in 2023, come and have a chat with Mrs Katu

Carolyn Katu - Head of Faculty PE and Health