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Creative Arts

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What's On in Creative Arts


  • Shakespeare in Schools
  • Choir rehearsals
  • Legally Blonde rehearsals
  • Xecute rehearsals


  • NZ Music Month. Watch out for lunchtime karaoke.
  • Senior Theatre Trip to Dakota of the White Flats
  • Senior Dance Workshop - Sierra Diprose
  • Legally Blonde 26th May - 3 June
  • Choir Rehearsals
  • Xecute Rehearsals
  • Teine Pasifika rehearsals
  • Rotorua Speech and Drama Competition - Sign up
  • Open to anyone interested. Poetry recital, speeches and acting. Prizes to be won. See Miss Donovan for details


  • Matariki performance - Drama Club
  • The Big Sing: Secondary School Choir Competition
  • Senior Theatre Trip - King Lear
  • Rotorua Speech and Drama Competition 24th -25th
  • Senior Performing Arts and Technology Mini Broadway Presentation 28th


  • NZMade Dance Regional Competition: Xecute junior and senior crews perform
  • Senior Music Showcase


  • NZMade Dance National, Palmerston North
  • Huihui - Contemporary Dance Competition in Taupo

October:RGHS Talent Quest

  • Sing, dance, play, whistle, juggle or walk on your hands….Bring you best to the Talent Quest.

Image by: Bridget Donovan

Canine Auditions for Legally Blonde

Desperately seeking Bruiser Woods! We are looking for a small dog to star in our production of Legally Blonde, running from 26th May to the 3 June. Expressions of interest please contact Bridget Donovan: bdonovan@rghs.school.nz

Yes Yes Yes Theatre Trip to Auckland Waterfront Theatre

Image by: Bridget Donovan

Forty seven Performing Arts students travelled to Auckland to see Yes, Yes, Yes by Eleanor Bishop and Karin McCracken.

Part documentary, part confession, part open conversation, this theatre show was created specifically for young adults. Exploring the knotty and necessary topics of healthy relationships, desire and consent, it blends audience interaction with captivating solo performance. Featuring in-depth interviews with Aotearoa’s teenagers, the show is empowering and engaging. 

Two of our students ended up performing on stage! The performance prompted some great conversations around both consent and the nature of Theatre and its ability to educate and heal.

Shakespeare in Schools

Image by: Bridget Donovan

The Year 12 and 13 Theatre class were involved in the Lakes Regional, Sheila Winn Shakespeare in School Competition this year.

Congratulations to:

  • Student Directors - Bella Pedersen and Blake Campbell for their A Midsummer Night's Dream, 5 Minute Scene, 
  • Student directors - Edith Smith, Alice Charity and Ivy Wheeler for their King Lear, 5 minute scene, 
  • Student directors - Grace Hemana and Dee Jay Selwyn for their Othello 5 Minute Scene and 
  • Student director - Harper Tapsell for her 15 minute, Much Ado About Nothing with her cast: Aiomai Nuku-Tarawhiti, Tiana Hunter, Grace Hemana, Steffany Silva-Delautour, Edith Smith, Olivia Maxwell, Noah Thompson, Alice Charity.

Much Ado About Nothing won the Best Ensemble Award and Harper Tapsell came away with the prestigious Best Female Actor Award.

Dance Crews

Congratulations to the students who successfully auditioned for our school dance crews and will represent RGHS at the NZ Dance Made Regional Competition on 24th August and in Palmerston North at the national competition on 9th April.

Junior Crew                           Senior Crew                                  Xecute Crew
Boaza, Rasera                        Carter-Conroy, Keeley                   Boaza, Rasera
Epiha, Hariata                         Corbett, Serenity                       Carter-Conroy, Keeley
Kapene, Royale                      Cudby, Ella                                    Corbett, Serenity
Keepa, Haedyn                       Hauiti-Mau, Manawa                     Cudby, Ella
Lambert-Nuku, Envy               Hemana, Grace                             Epiha, Hariata
Latu, Stevie                             Kenny, Quaed                               Hauiti-Mau, Manawa
Murphy, Tahlia-Rose               Mita, Zaharah                                Hemana, Grace
Nair, Rashae                           Napa'a, Kakala                              Hunter, Tiana
Nicholas-Manley, Shakyrah    Nuku-Tarawhiti, Aiomai                  Kapene, Royale
Paora, Lilli                               Phillips, Islah                                 Keepa, Haedyn
Vavia-Rikiau, Freedom           Simmons, Alize                              Kenny, Quaed
                                               Webster-Tarei, Teiringatahi            Lambert-Nuku, Envy
                                                                                                      Latu, Stevie
                                                                                                      Maxwell, Olivia
                                                                                                      Mita, Zaharah
                                                                                                      Murphy, Tahlia-Rose
                                                                                                      Napa'a, Kakala
                                                                                                Nicholas-Manley, Shakyrah
                                                                                                      Nuku-Tarawhiti, Aiomai
                                                                                                      Paora, Lilli
                                                                                                      Phillips, Islah
                                                                                                      Simmons, Alize
                                                                                                      Vavia-Rikiau, Freedom
                                                                                                      Webster-Tarei, Teiringatahi