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Ayla Gillies
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Student Scope - Issue One

Ayla Gillies —

Drumroll, please! Welcome to the newest addition to Rototuna Senior High School’s newsletter - Student Scope.

I’m Ayla, a Year 11 student with a keen passion for writing and a member of the Media Puna Wānanga.

In Puna Wānanga, we are encouraged to think outside of the box about projects we can implement to positively impact our kura, our community and beyond. The idea for this project has been brewing for a while now, as I’ve often thought that our school needs an opinion piece to echo student’s voices.

My hope is that Student Scope will help you feel more informed and engaged in what’s happening at Rototuna and hopefully the column can get a few smiles along the way. So, I’m very excited and grateful to be making this idea a reality and cannot wait to embark on this adventure with you as we explore the successes of Senior High.

I would love to hear if you have any feedback or requests, so please let me know at aylagillies@rhs.school.nz. Thank you so much for reading and know that you have been an essential part of Rototuna Senior High history today in the debut of Student Scope!

Keep an eye out for next fortnight’s newsletter, where we will be delving deeper into Puna Wānanga at RSHS.