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Reporting for Wānanga Ako


Communicating with families about how their young person is doing at school is an important aspect of schooling, providing the necessary reassurance that things are going well.

It also ensures that we can work together to identify any learning challenges your student may have and to take timely action so your young person can continue to work positively towards their goals.

By the end of term, you will have a new report sent to you that will show you how your young person is doing in their classes. The report will indicate how the student is tracking in their Wānanga Ako subject classes and particularly focuses on Achievement (are they on track to achieve the standards they are entered in) and Learning (are they producing the quality evidence we would expect for a student tracking towards merit and/or excellence).

The reports will be colour coded and will come with an explanation. Teachers will use the evidence of learning generated in class to make a judgement about how the student is tracking.

A quick summary:

  • Orange : There is a concern

  • Green :   Mostly on track but requires some attention

  • Blue :      Producing high quality work

For the remainder of the year, you will receive an update twice termly, a few weeks into the term and then just before the conclusion of a term.

This should allow time for teachers, kaiārahi/advisors and families to work together if there are any concerns. It will also be a chance to celebrate those students who are working hard in their classes, and we know there are many of these students at RSHS.

Once you have received your report and you have any concerns or questions, your first port of call will be your kaiārahi/advisor.