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Vaping & School

Rototuna High Schools —

From 11 November 2020 vaping was prohibited at all times in schools, kura kaupapa, kōhanga reo and early childhood centres (including our grounds and buildings).

This means we are smokefree and vape free (we were already operating in this way) and must take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that no person smokes or vapes in any part of our premises, whether inside or outside, at any time of day. As a school we also do our best to ensure students are not vaping to and from school either.

It is important to note that selling vape products to anyone under the age of 18 is illegal. Unfortunately we have had a couple of instances where some of our young people have been doing this at and outside of school. This is illegal behaviour and we will address it as such. When it comes to using these products we start from an education perspective to ensure our young people understand the potential harm to themselves and others but it is important to note that we expect them to learn their lesson in the first instance. Vaping products and the use of these are unwelcome in our place of learning.

I encourage you all to check this website out which has some great information about vaping (this is NZ based too), Vaping Facts: Vaping is Not Harmless