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Uniform - Moving Into Cooler Months


As it gets colder, students may be reaching for a jersey to add some layers.

A reminder that students need to be in full uniform including wearing a school approved jersey / hoodie. 

There are plenty of options to choose from. Our uniform is sold by NZ Uniforms on Tristram Street - https://rototuna.nzuniforms.com/

If your student is not able to wear their uniform to school for a day eg: it is still wet, it is being mended etc, a reminder about our process:

  • Please send your student to school with a note about why they do not have the correct uniform, OR, you could email your student’s Kaiarahi, (Whānau teacher) directly.
  • Your student is to give their note to their Kaiarahi during whānau time, who will help the students obtain a ‘Uniform Pass’ for the day. 

For more information on our uniform, please CLICK HERE