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F45 Fundraiser


The Rototuna High School's Sports Department has been offered an amazing opportunity to run a fundraising campaign for all students that are involved in our sports programme.

F45 Rototuna is a community-minded gym, located at the Rototuna shops, that sees the benefit of active lifestyles and they want to make that available for all at RHS. F45 owners Rachel and Geoff are extremely passionate about building links within our community and have offered this amazing fundraising opportunity to directly benefit students at RHS. Students keep 100% of the profits!!!

The fundraising campaign is simple. Students will sell vouchers that give the purchaser a 12 visit gym pass for $20. This is an amazing deal, worth $420!!!

Sport students will be given a voucher to sell to members of our community. On that voucher is a QR code that the purchaser scans with their phone, completes an online payment, then enters the student's name. That’s it, easy!! The $20 is then credited to the student's school account at the conclusion of the fundraising campaign. The more you sell, the more you earn!

The fundraising will run from Wednesday 17 March - Monday 26 April.

Vouchers can be collected from the Sports Office every weekday morning between 8.30-8.40am for the remainder of the term.


- User must be 18+ years

- 1 voucher per person

- Must live or work locally

- First visit must be activated by April 30, 2021

- After activation, the client has 30 days to use the 12 visits

- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

- No refunds

- Not available to current members of F45 Training Rototuna

- Other Terms and Conditions may apply

If you have any questions please contact the Sports Department at sport@rhs.school.nz