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Building Works


This week (28 March) you will notice the first signs of property work commencing on our site.

Initially this will be the preparation of our site for the large scale property work including a site office and parking area on the grass area between the JHS courts and the new Kimbrae subdivision and the installation of fenced off areas on our back field and then site loading (huge piles of dirt) on the sites where new buildings will be constructed. We are very excited about getting our new buildings, the first of which will be a Whare that will be completed this year. Next we have huge new buildings and refits happening for both the SHS and JHS due to be finished at the end of 2023.

Over the next few months you will notice an increase in traffic related to the start of our project coming to and from our site through the entrance at the eastern end of our school (right by the new subdivision). West Construction are also commencing roading works on the entrance to the Kimbrae Drive subdivision at the end of April for two months. Both projects have carefully constructed safety plans, including traffic management at the start and end of each day. It is highly likely, despite all the detailed planning, that these works will impact accessibility in and out of school. Now might be a good time to think about alternative pick-up and drop-off options. Despite these inconveniences we are excited about the end result for our community, our students and our staff. If you are interested please refer to the Hawkins monthly update (our project contractors).