Semester 2 Learning Design

Last night we held our first of 2 Parent Pop-Up Semester 2 Information Sessions. You are welcome to attend tonight’s session at 5:30pm in Kōmakorau (staffroom in the SHS). Feedback from last night was that the messages were clear, and well received.

The main points being covered about why we have made the changes to the learning structure that we have are:

  • Better developing our CLOAK skills and dispositions

  • Preparing Year 10 students for the learning structure, and the increased workload, at our Senior High School

  • Preparing students for NCEA

  • Allowing students to learn in contexts and areas of interest or passion to them

  • Allowing for more flexibility in the timetable for students to study niche/specialist subjects that have previously clashed, or been paired with learning areas that don’t allow them to study what they would like to

  • The role of the Kaimanaaki - a teacher who will be supporting students specifically in their course learning and CLOAK development.