Rugby Ball

HELP Needed - Lost Vintage Rugby Ball

In 2021, in the lead up to our Senior High Production, there were a number of items sourced for various purposes eg. Set design, props, costume etc. Unfortunately due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, the show was unable to proceed.

Upon the return of borrowed items, it appears one specific item has gone missing. We were hopeful this item was still on-site, however, after numerous searches, forcing a much needed clearout, it has not shown up.

We would really love to get this back to its owner as it does hold sentimental value to them.

We are extending our search to the broader RHS community as not only is this item extremely rare, but also distinguishable, could it have made its way outside the school grounds.

Please contact the school on (07) 854 0541 if you know of the whereabouts of the ball or drop it off to reception.


It is a vintage Adidas All Black leather rugby ball - see picture attached.

It has been drawn on by a child on one side.