School Hoodies

Uniform Updates

Our grey sports hoodie has now been reclassified as a general uniform item - available from NZ Uniforms.

These will be available in store and on their website from next week. Students will no longer need to be in a sports or cultural team to purchase a hoodie.

We have also been listening to student feedback and have been reviewing the PE uniform since last year. We have decided on a new design which we feel is more reflective of our school now, and in colours/style we think the students will love. We will share the new look in the next few weeks. If students currently have a PE uniform there is absolutely no need to change it.

Part of the new look will be to switch over to the same black shorts that the SHS use. As stock is getting low (of blue PE shorts) it makes sense from here on that if students go to purchase PE shorts they will have the option to buy the black. There will be a period of transitioning and phasing out the old uniform. Both colours will be acceptable until we completely phased out the blue (at a much later date...not this year)