Important School Processes Reminder

Appointments for your child during the day or if your child is unwell.....
  • If your child has an important appointment during class time please ensure you email your child’s advisor or send a signed note with your child so a ‘sign out’ pass can be issued. This needs to be done before the start of the school day. Office staff are unable to retrieve your child from class if a last minute appointment is made.

  • Students will NOT be permitted to leave class without prior notification unless it is an exceptional circumstance.

  • Students will only be released into the care of a parent/caregiver listed on our database unless we have prior written notice from the parent/caregiver.

  • Students will need to sign out at Student Services. Parents/Caregivers must wait for the student in the school office.

  • If your child becomes unwell at school, the teacher will refer them to the Sickbay. The Nurse/first aider will contact you to collect them if necessary. Students are NOT to contact home directly.  If your child contacts you, please ask them to talk to a teacher.