The Arts @ RSHS

RSHS have confirmed this year's School Production will be scheduled for July 28 - August 4.

At the risk of another lockdown, we have decided to down scale, and roll with a show smaller in design but just as punchy in terms of opportunities for student involvement, and rich in relative themes. Watch this space for the reveal of the show later this term. Advertisements for auditions go out in week 6.

The music itinerant lessons are up and running this year and as always, quickly filled up with a waiting list formed in the first week. The lessons are in hot demand with the itinerant teachers also taking on a music mentoring role for both junior and senior music groups, guiding, shaping and forming their ideas and performance skills.

Last years Y11 band, Strike Crew, (formed from the projects group Music Impact) have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime being invited to play their own set, supporting well-known Waikato band ‘The Monroes’ at the Hamilton lake domain, Sunday March 14th. This is a free concert, starting at 4pm. Bring a crew down and support our students!