Preparing for Examinations

Every year students will be given opportunities to generate work that is a practice for their formal end of year exams.

This can occur through a more traditional ‘practice exam’ approach and/or through opportunities within a normal class environment. 

As well as preparation for the student, this work is also used to evidence a derived and/or unexpected event grade. These grades sit in the background and are used in case of illness for an individual student or if the exams cannot go ahead (as was the case for Christchurch after the earthquakes). 

Students who are sitting exams will soon be entering a phase where teachers will be collecting evidence whilst preparing the students. This was to occur during week 9 of this term, however, due to the current COVID-19 impact, this will now be pushed to the start of Term 4. 

It is important for students to note that the work they do in class is important and leaving exam preparation until the last minute can disadvantage them if they cannot attend an exam for illness.