COVID Update

At RED Phase 3 - The onus is now on each of us to monitor our own symptoms and identify our close contacts.

The school will continue to keep a record of any confirmed cases and household contacts so please keep in touch with us.

In Phase 3, only confirmed cases and household contacts of these cases are required to self-isolate. The isolation period will be 10 days, students can return to school on day 11.

All other contacts of COVID-positive people are NOT required to isolate, but they will need to monitor for symptoms.

Rapid antigen tests will be our primary testing method. Approved tests will be able to be sold publicly through retail outlets in March.

If anyone in your family is confirmed as having COVID-19, you are now being asked to notify your close contacts yourself. Please get in touch with the school as soon as you can if your child has tested positive for COVID-19. We will need the following information

  • Name and Date of Birth

  • Confirmation of a Positive Test Result

  • Day/Date of Symptom Onset

  • Last day at School

Transmission of COVID-19 is still most likely to happen in your home – so please keep doing all those good things to keep your whānau safe. Wash your hands, get lots of fresh air, cover any coughs and sneezes, clean surfaces regularly, and seek advice if anyone is not feeling well. And please wear a mask when you are out and about. There is information online to help your family prepare to isolate if you need to.