Semester 2 

Semester 2 Module Selections

At the end of Week 6 of this term, our first semester of modules come to a close. Students will now have to select a new pair of modules for the remainder of the year.

Students can access a copy of the booklet via Te Hīnaki and the booklet is also available on the school website and attached below. Course selections need to be completed by Friday 20th May at 9.30am.

Some highlights to note:

  • Yr 11 students will now move out of their literacy and numeracy modules and will be selecting L2 modules. If students have not completed their literacy/numeracy requirements, then they will need to prioritise this in their Sm2 selections.

  • Yr 12 students will be able to choose between either L2 or L3 modules depending on how they are progressing with their own learning journey. kaiārahi/whānau teachers will be supporting this selection closely.

  • Yr 13 students will have no changes to their timetable.

Specialist classes have been designed for students to go deep with their learning in a specialist subject for a full year. Therefore, there will be no changes to these courses for students.