Rototuna High Schools


We are nearly at the end of what has been another unique week for us here at school..

Before I do share my messages, just another request that everyone does keep checking their email on a daily basis. At this stage we have not received any further positive COVID cases as a result of our one on site but this could still change in the next day or so when all day 8 tests are received. Our fingers are crossed!

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding over the last week. As we were one of the first schools to record a positive COVID case on site, it has been a learning experience for us all. On top of this the rules seem to change on us pretty regularly.

Can I encourage everyone to be proactive in terms of any COVID related situation. This is important on two fronts, firstly making sure students don’t come to school if they are unwell. Secondly in regard to positive cases that are not at school, for instance if someone tests positive at home. While more cases at school are probably inevitable they will also become far more prevalent in workplaces too. In these instances it is important we all follow isolation rules and letting us know is helpful as well. It is our goal over the next week or two to make sure we have good systems for making sure we can provide learning to both students at school and those isolating. It is difficult to do both but we think we can do it!

In terms of attendance, can I just encourage everyone to send their young people to school unless they are unwell or are isolating. I understand the nervousness Omicron has created but now that it is out there in our community, we think school is as safe a place as anywhere else. The information out there suggests our young people on the whole do not get very sick in most instances so please get them along to school. It is important for their continued learning progress and their wellbeing!

I can confirm that as of Monday we will be getting straight into our normal timetable. This means, following advisory on Monday, block 1 students will be getting into their modules. I know students can and already have accessed their timetables via the KAMAR portal. Feel free to check the new timetables out yourself over the weekend. All students have received their first or second choices as long as they got their selections in on time (which was nearly everyone). No doubt there will be some disappointments out there, some based on a course missed or the fact a friend may not be with them. It is super helpful for you to talk about the opportunities this creates. Changes from this point are the exception (changes are only made in the event of a genuine error on our part) so looking for the positives is really important.

As we get into the modules it is really beneficial to start talking about the learning at school as part of your end of day routine. Discussions that talk about the learning at home really support the development of better understanding and recall. If you have one of those teenagers or young people that it is difficult to get anything out of, try getting Schoology up and looking through the learning online together to spark some discussion or to support the learning in general.

Keep an eye on that email just in case and bring on next week I say! Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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