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Kia ora Rototuna e te Whānau,

With our Term 1 break around the corner, it is a good time to give you an update about our progress from 2020 and the satellite campus. Firstly, I wanted to share some of our achievement data for 2020 now that final grades have been confirmed by NZQA. The overall positive trends are:

  • Overall our NCEA achievement has improved significantly for level 2 and for level 3 from 2019 to 2020 by over 12% in both cases

  • 85.3% of our students have achieved NCEA Level 2 in year 12, slightly exceeding decile 10 averages

  • Level 3 results for NCEA and UE are above the national averages and have made significant improvement from 2019

Given the tumultuous year, these achievements represent a huge shared effort from staff, students and families working together to achieve outstanding success. Congratulations to you all.

There are always areas to improve and in 2021 we want to focus on:

  • Improving the quality of work that our young people produce

  • Working with our year 13 Māori students and whānau to support students’ attainment at level 3

  • Raising numeracy levels for our year 11 students.

To improve quality, our teachers will be working with students to help them deepen the ways they are able to think about subject knowledge. To show deep thinking, our young people need to apply subject ideas and concepts to new situations and to make connections between these ideas and concepts in different ways.

With changes to NCEA this year it is even more important that these improvements happen before a student submits their work for grading. The reason being that students are no longer able to make resubmissions to improve grades from an Achieve level to a Merit or Excellence level. Resubmissions are only able to be offered to students who have Not Achieved and have made some minor errors. In this case they may be given the opportunity to correct these errors or omissions in a short period of time to raise their grade to an Achieve.

Please have a read of the article below regarding our satellite campus update.

Until then have a fabulous, safe Easter break

Ngā mihi,


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