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Photo by The Rāroan

Celebrating Our Budding Scientists !

The Rāroan —

The Rāroa School Science Fair was held this week and we had 42 students sharing their scientific investigations from the Science Fair programme in Term 2.

The projects ranged in topic including physics, computer science, tech design, botany, astronomy, geology, foods to flight and renewable energies. The students created scientific questions, researched, wrote hypotheses, planned and implemented fair tests, graphed and analysed results, and made conclusions. Twenty of the projects have been selected to represent the school at the NIWA Wellington Regional Science Fair at Victoria University at the end of August.

Congratulations to the following students for your learning and your achievements:Georgia G, Soumya, Greta S, Sofie H, Zayan A, Jack E, Michael F, Lincey J, Shihui W, Abi G, Jade V-S, Anjali P, Matthew P, Sahana S, Ivy G, Micah T, Adelaide B, Niko F-H, Campbell E, Daisy S, Luca L, Mitch J, Thomas A, Micah J, Florence L, Miki I-P, Millie J, Liko H, Jeremy S, Mya W, Isaac S, Jacob A, Finn M, Keianna M, Leo B, Ben C-W, Dan F, Emily A, Saoirse L, Felix H, Wynand W, and Terence B.