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Scholastic Book Order

The Rāroan —

Issue 5 of Book Club for 2022 is OUT NOW at Rāroa.

Parents are able to order online and books will be delivered to school and distributed to students. Issue 5 is open now until Friday 2 September 2022.

Issue 5 brochure


Every child deserves access to quality and affordable books, and Scholastic Book Club offers great prices with Value Books as low as $3.50 on every issue of Book Club. Best of all, if you order on Issue 5 you can select FREE BOOKS!

Place your Issue 5 order on LOOP to select up to 3 FREE BOOKS. To qualify all you have to do is spend over $30 and you can select 1 FREE book, or spend over $50 and you can select 2 FREE books or over $70 and you can select 3 FREE titles from a special online list. The list will display after you create your order and head to the checkout. See https://mybookclub.scholastic.co.nz/Parent/Login.aspx for more information.

Did you know that 20% of your Book Club order goes back to our school in Scholastic Rewards? These Rewards are redeemed on Books and Educational Resources which helps stretch our budget further.

General FAQs for Parents

How do I Log in to place an order?

Go to scholastic.co.nz/loop

Enter your Login Details

If you don't have a login - click on Register.

I can't find my School

Enter only the first 3 letters of your school name

I can't find my class

If your class name isn't showing, please use the 'year' option to locate your child's class.

Where is my order?

If you have placed your Book Club order via the LOOP platform your order may take a while to arrive at school.

This is because all orders are held until your school's chosen cutoff date then processed together so that they all arrive at school together.

Please see your school for when this date is as it varies from offer to offer.

Your first place to query your delivery is with your school.