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Library news - 24 March
Photo by Carolyn Newman

Library News

Carolyn Newman —

Toitoi is a magazine of Children’s writing and artwork and they call for submissions four times a year. Children between the ages of 5 and 13 can write or create art on any subject, fact or fiction, and submit their work for consideration. We have had several items published from Seatoun School over the last few years and we subscribe to the magazine which children can borrow from the school library.
Each publication includes one image that can be an inspiration for a writer, and this time it is this giant strawberry picture! Children in year 2-4 have this week been brainstorming some ideas around this picture and I look forward to submitting their creations. Parents can also submit their children’s work on submit@toitoi.nz.

Inspired by the Toitoi discussion, Zeke and Alexander from Room 4 decided to write a story together. Here it is, The Runaway Cookie. Maybe somebody would like to draw a picture to go with it?

The Runaway Cookie

Once upon a time there were brothers called Zeke & Alexander.
Zeke really likes cookies, he eats dog cookies, nut cookies, well any type of cookies and he eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alexander eats vegetables for example carrots, kale, spinach and radishes.
One day Zeke was hungry, so Zeke got a cookie and put the cookie on a plate. Suddenly the cookie jumped up and said “YOU WILL NOT EAT ME!”. It hopped off the table and ran down the stairs into the lab.
Then it turned itself into a giant cookie with the Size-A-Rator 2000TM.
All of a sudden the cookie burst through the steel wall into the busy city and crushed a car.
People screamed and ran, then 10 minutes later the cookie was on the news, “Here on ‘live news’ chaos has broken out, a giant cookie is destroying our city of Wellington. Who will save us and our city…”,
The FBI leader Bob has called the cookie crushers. Then the cookie ran so fast and he forgot where to run, tripping over the cookie crushers who were injured so they let Alexander do the mission. Alexander jumped out and said ”you will not get me haha,” But the cookie charged at Alexander anyway, but before he could get there, he tripped on a hot wheels car that was dropped by a baby on the run. He was so tall, he fell flat on his face and crumbled into pieces. Finally it was defeated! Alexander said, ”yes I saved the day once again!”. While Alexander was fighting the cookie Zeke had been eating more cookies. Alexander had to pick Zeke up because he ate too many cookies and brought him home!