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Carolyn Newman —

We are hoping to recommence practice times for our School Orchestra next Tuesday 15th February.

Under the red light settings we will be primarily practising outside. If we must be inside we will be managing the distancing of children in the hall and also only allowing non-wind instruments. If your child is learning an instrument and would like to come along and give it a go, they should bring their instrument to school on Tuesday. We are also very keen to meet some new drummers!Children will be released from their classrooms from 12-15 - 12.45 to attend. We ask parents to remind our senior musicians to eat something substantial at morning tea and they will be able to eat lunch after practice at 12.45.If you have any questions about this please email Wendy Bamber at   wendy.bamber@seatoun.school.nz.

Wendy, Marion and Jonny.