Steeple Rock - 24 February 2022

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   Raising Readers  by Carolyn Newman


Welcome back to school to everyone and I am sorry that circumstances mean we cannot see more of you in the library with your children. One of the questions I am frequently asked is detail around the books your children have overdue. Our library system now automatically sends out overdue notices. This means that if your child has any overdue books, you will receive a first email with the details this coming Friday. Across the school there are currently 242 overdue items! If you have any queries please do email me on

Parent Collection
We continue to build our parenting collection which you can easily access by emailing - I can either send the book home with your child or meet you at the pick up point after school.The list can be viewed here, there are so many topics to choose from.FOSS Parenting ResourcesThis new one came highly recommended from a trusted fellow librarian friend of mine. I'm still reading it but the reviews on Goodreads look good!

Raising readers: How to nurture a child's love of books
Some kids refuse to read, others won't stop - not even at the dinner table!
Either way, many parents question the best way to support their child's literacy journey. When can you start reading to your child? How do you find that special book to inspire a reluctant reader? How can you tell if a book is age appropriate? What can you do to keep your tween reading into their adolescent years?
Raising Readers is a must-have guide for parents and educators to help the children in their lives fall in love with books.