Hero photograph
The 2020 Welfare team from left to right: Karun Rawat, Jason Hart, Karen McNeilly, Edward Ennion, Sandra Mathew, Lucy Blay, Cayla Ulyatt.
Photo by Corinne Phillips

The 2020 Welfare Team

Corinne Phillips —

Introducing the Selwyn College Sub-Wardens for 2020

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people as senior residents living and working with our first year residents this year. Karun Rawat, Jason Hart, Karen McNielly, Edward Ennion, Sandra Mathews, Lucy Blay and Cayla Ulyatt are a mixture of post-grad, under grad and graduated students of Otago University.

They are a fantastic courteous and caring group of students who will do a great job at looking after our resident cohort for 2020.