Social Studies (Soc)

HOD Steve Garland —

The following subject is compulsory for students to study in 2019

  • Social Studies    9Soc    Full Year

Course Description: Social Studies skills involve information gathering, processing, and presentation; recall of knowledge; recognising opinions and points of view; and understanding ideas about human behaviour. In developing these skills students will learn to appropriately use books and the library, newspapers, video and film, maps, graphs, diagrams, photographs and field work resources. A variety of assessment methods are used including self and peer assessment.  

Year 9 course of study includes:

  • The NZ Identity (Turangawaewae) – key ideas of nationalism, patriotism, culture and multi-culturalism, including topics such as Being a Kiwi; the Haka and its’ meaning; Anzac Day; Kiwi Fads and Fashions; Kiwiana (identifying national stereotypes and icons).
  • My Role in Society (Hapori) - Looks at different community groups and why they form; Why people join groups (such as gangs); Genealogy; How people contribute to society; and how we help others. 

  • Innovation and Exploration (Rawa)– key ideas of the movement of people, exploration, discovery, colonization, frontier society including topics such as Explorers and Conquest; the American Wild West; the Final Frontier – Space; Technology and change; work and leisure and conquest of epidemics.

  • Environment and Sustainability (Te Taiao) – key ideas of cultural and economic relationships with the environment; sustainable (and unsustainable) ways people use the environment; issues and challenges that face society relating to our use of the environment including topics such as NZ and global resources; National and marine parks; the Lorax; rubbish at SBHS; Global warming; endangered species and Antarctica.

Contact Person: Mr Garland