Health and Physical Education (Hpe)

HOD Juliet Duder —

The following subject is compulsory for students to study in 2019

Physical Education has both immediate and long-term objectives and effects. In the short term, Physical Education should satisfy the developmental needs appropriate to the physical, social and intellectual maturity of each student, while in the long term it provides a sound basis for effective living throughout life.

  • Physical Education and Health:    9Hpe   Full Year

Course Description: Although Sport and Physical Education have close relationships, one can never replace the other. Physical Education offers something to all students, whatever their limitations or capabilities, and all may participate, whereas sport often involves competition with a lower level of participation, and the selection of the most competent students. Physical Education supports sport by suggesting methods by which students may learn and practice skills, or condition the body for various games. Physical Education at Shirley Boys' High School also involves competitive aspects of sport in a controlled learning environment. Aspects of Health Education are also an integral part of the Physical Education programme at Shirley Boys' High School.

In Health Education students will gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and be able to contribute to the wellbeing of themselves, other people and their communities. They will also develop skills that will enable them to enhance relationships with other people and participate in creating healthy communities by taking responsibility.

The four major areas of this course are Relationships, Drug Education, Mental Health and Sexuality Education. Students will develop knowledge and understanding in these key areas of learning identified in the Health and Physical Education curriculum.

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