Hero photograph
Senior Prizegiving 2018
Photo by Karen Casey

SBHS Senior Prizegiving 2018


The Shirley Boys High School Senior Prizegiving was held on Thursday 1st November. Following the tradition started in 2016, all Year 13 boys graduated as well as receiving their subject prizes.

The top academic award at Year 11, the Headmaster’s Prize went to George Johnson.  At Year 12 , the Kirby Prize went to Bhumik Patel.

The top Year 13 awards were:

  • The Old Boys Prize, awarded on the basis of character, scholarship, sport and or prominence in other school activities:  Valenitino Punivai
  • The PTA prize for Proxime Accessit, the runner up to the Dux of the School:  Izak Dobbs
  • The PTA prize for Dux of the school: Logan Bramley.

Below is the full list of Elite Prizes:

  • Junior Hartley Scholar: Scott Shackleton
  • The Winner of the Headmasters Prize For Year 11 Academic Excellence: George Johnson
  • The Uniform Group Prize: Liam Walker
  • The Kirby Prize for Year 12 Academic Excellence: Bhumik Patel
  • The Hugh McDougall Rankin Educational Trust Award: Logan Bramley
  • The Indoor Bowling Club Prize: David McPherson
  • The Office Max Citizenship Prize: Fletcher Platt
  • The Hartley Scholar: Jeremy Wright
  • The Old Boys Prize: Valenitino Punivai
  • The PTA Prize for Proxime Accessit: Izak Dobbs
  • The PTA Prize for Dux of Shirley Boys’ High School: Logan Bramley