Mr S Garland —

The following subjects are available for students to study in 2021

History:   11His   Full Year

Course Description: This course is an introduction to History and covers four topics set in the 20th century: New Zealand International Relations, Civil Rights in the USA, Conflict in Ireland, and the Origins of World War II.

Students will gain skills in studying and analysing a variety of historical sources including photos, maps, cartoons, videos and movies, documents, and written text, paragraph and essay writing and will further develop research skills that were taught in Social Studies.

Two internal assessments occur on the topics of the 1981 Springbok Tour of NZ and the Holocaust. 

Recommended Entry Criteria: Nil, however good literacy (reading and writing) skills is an advantage.

Qualifications to be gained: Level 1 Achievement Standard credits.

Level 1 Literacy: Yes

Next step: 12His, and/or 12Cla

Contact Person: Mr Garland, Mr Thurston, Mrs Dalton, or Miss Cook

History:   12His   Full Year

Course Description: This course focuses on significant ideologies in History such as Nazism and Communism and the actions taken by people to implement them. The topics studied are Weimar and Nazi Germany, Search for Security in the Nuclear Age (The Cold War), and Conflict in Indochina (Vietnam).

Students will further develop their analytical and writing skills. Essay writing is an important component of 12His as the majority of external assessment is in the form of essay writing.

In the first term students will complete a major research assignment on the settlement of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula which includes a field trip to Akaroa. Further internal assessment is conducted on the conspiracy theory relating to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in the Vietnam War.

Recommended Entry Criteria: 12 credits from 11His if studied (ideally including Achievement Standard 91005, being a good indicator) otherwise Level 1 Certificate

Qualifications to be gained: Level 2 Achievement Standard credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 9 credits Reading and 14 credits Reading or Writing.

Next step: 13His

Contact Person: Mr Garland or Miss Cook

History:   13His   Full Year

Course Description: This course covers three very different periods of history. Initially we look at the American Revolution (1773-1783) and in particular pinpointing the Boston Tea Party as the key moment to investigate the causes and consequences of the pivotal event in American history.  We then move to looking at the Wahine Disaster in Wellington Harbour, 1968, where students complete a research assessment based on fieldtrip observations. We also analyse different perspectives of a contested event of significance to New Zealanders. The event we look at is the My Lai massacre in the Vietnam War.

Our final topic examines the Russian Revolution, and in particular pinpointing the 1905 revolution as the key moment to investigate the causes and consequences of the pivotal event in Russian history.

This course requires ability in reading, analysing and producing written work. It will particularly help those students intending to attend university and study the Arts, Humanities or Law.

The internal assessment centres around the Wahine Disaster. Key in this, is a field trip to Wellington in which students will get to access maritime museums, archives, and Wahine memorials and monuments around Wellington Harbour. 

Recommended Entry Criteria: 12 credits from 12His if studied, including one of Achievement Standards 91233 or 91234 otherwise Level 2 Certificate.

Qualifications to be gained: Level 3 Achievement Standards credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 10 credits Reading and 10 credits Reading or Writing.

UE Approved: Yes

Contact Person: Miss Cook