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Eco ACtion Group

Eco Action Group

Roger Miller —

Native tree planting

On Sunday 7th June, the SBHS Eco Action group helped place 1100 native trees and plants in the ground at Ascot Golf Course. 

Two groups, totalling about 150, got the job done well within the allocated two hours. We had an excellent start for such a crisp day. 

A dozen fantails descended on the planting as it finished seemingly to stake their claim on the new block. 

The planting atmosphere was very congenial and of course the plants themselves will provide native bird food, help mitigate climate change as well as enhancing the amenity values of our city-scape as the forest develops.

Thanks again to all our fantastic sponsors only some of whom are mentioned here; CLS Canterbury Landscape Services who provides the excellent potting and seed raising mix that grows such good plants. Envirowaste, Living Earth, Mainland Tanks and Drums, Isaacs, Stark Brothers, Blacks Fasteners, Tiki Wines, Cant Poly Pipe.

We now have 11 schools on board with satellite nurseries who together will be growing 10,000 trees this season.

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