Mr M Robinson —

The following are the subjects available for study in 2020

Students will examine topics relating to the history, art, architecture, and culture of the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome .  A good command of written English is essential, as assessments are in essay form. A biennial tour of Greece and Italy may be planned for 2021.

Classical Studies:   12Cla   Full Year

Course Description: . Topics studied will include the mythology of Greece and Rome, the epic poem Homer's Odyssey, the history, architecture and sculpture of Ancient Athens. Internal assessment will focus on the relationship between ancient Greek gods/heroes and modern superheroes, and a significant event in the ancient world.

Recommended Entry Criteria: A minimum of a C pass from 11Ena or a minimum of 12 credits from 11Enb or 11His.

Qualifications to be gained: Level 2 Achievement Standards credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 18 credits reading, 8 credits writing

Approximate Contributions: Nil

Next Step: 13 Cla

Contact Person: Mr Robinson 

Classical Studies:   13Cla   Full Year

Course Description:  Topics studied are the conquests of Alexander the Great, Virgil’s Aeneid, and the art and architecture of the Roman Empire. Internal assessment with focus on Alexander the Great's relationship with the Persians, and the lasting influence of Greek temple architecture on Imperial Rome and Washington DC.

Recommended Entry Criteria:  A minimum of 12 credits from 12Cla  (if studied) otherwise 12 credits from 12Ena/Enb or 12His, or 12Med, or a minimum of both external standards if only two standards achieved.

Qualifications to be gained:  Level 3 Achievement Standards credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 26 credits reading, 14 credits writing.

Approximate Contributions: Nil

Contact Person: Mr Robinson