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Head Students
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Student Leadership

Phil Dixon —

Shirley Boys’ High School believes in encouraging and training students to take leadership roles wherever possible. Leadership is taught and exemplified in Form Classes and ther are numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills in and outside the classroom. 

Form Class Leader

A senior student leader is nominated from each Form Class. Their job is primarily to assist the Form Tutor with the day to day administrative tasks associated with the class. They are also involved in a mentoring role with younger students in addition to assisting in the promotion of the Shirley Man principles with other members of the Form Class. Those accepting the position of Form Class Leader often have aspirations of being appointed to a Senior Executive position within their house.

Student Council

Students are selected from each year level to participate in the School Council. The student council manages its’ own funds and has the ability to generate additional funding from mufti days, school dances and other events as they see fit. Academic, cultural, environmental and social sub-committees are formed to assist the Council in their role as required.

House Executive

Each year the school appoints a number of Year 12 and 13 students as Senior Executive Members. From this group, a Head Prefect is selected and two Associate Head Prefects. In addition, providing he is a Year 13 student, the Board of Trustees Student Representative is also a Senior Executive member. Four Deputy Head Prefects are selected and they assume the role of House Captain for their House. In 2016 the role of Maori & Pasifika Student Leader is also a member of the Senior Executive.

2016 Senior Executives: 

  • Head Prefect - Matthew Croft
  • Associate Prefect - Logan Bell
  • Associate Prefect - Sean Takai
  • Deputy Head Prefect (Aoraki) - Zac Adams
  • Deputy Head Prefect (Blake) - Matt Thomson
  • Deputy Head Prefect (Mullins) - Josh Archer
  • Deputy Head Prefect (Snell) - Matt Gowans
  • BOT Student Representative - Judah Watkinson
  • Maori & Pasifika Student Leader - Samson Lale-Seinafo

There is also a Junior Executive consisting of up to six Year 10 students from each house (selected towards the end of their Year 9 year). One student from each house is then selected as Junior House Captain.