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Polyfest 2016

J Houghton —

Polyfest 2016 saw Shirley Boys' High School’s largest ever group of boys perform to their parents, families and communities at Westminster Park.

With 53 boys in our group this year, showcasing the vibrancy and as one staff member remarked, “the power, precision and passion” to the next generation of Pasifika students. We also offer NCEA Dance and Music credits with 14 credits at each level (two achievement standards at each level) which firstly, acknowledges the time, effort and learning that occurs, but secondly, assists the boys in their achievement of NCEA Levels 1,2 and 3 by acknowledging their unique cultural practices within a school environment.

A powerful tribute to former Shirley Boys' High School student, Tala Malei was the main focus of this year’s performance. The tragedy of Tala’s death in 2015 affected many of our students and staff, with the Polyfest performance dedicated to him being a fitting tribute. Tala had performed strongly in our group for five years and had contributed significantly to the culture, quality and power that the group now exhibits.

Both I and Miss Lemalie were very proud of the boys on the day, but also in the many hours that were spent at practice. The boys conducted themselves exceptionally and a lot of positive feedback has been received about their attitude and performance.

A highlight in the lead up to Polyfest was the Fa’aliga (dress rehearsal) night that was held the week before. With over 100 people in attendance, many of the community were able to give feedback and donations in order to support the boys. It was a great night and we are truly greatful for the support of parents and families.

Lastly, we couldn’t have had the success we enjoyed without the many hours of dedication that old boys, Uli Pesefea and Va’a Malei put into practices. The strong network of Pasifika Shirley Old Boys ensures a strong continuation of culture in this school.