Passion Activation Lab (9PAL)

Miss Elizabeth Wilson —

The Passion Activation Lab (9PAL) is a new option for 2019. This course is grounded on a strength based approach to learning built around student curiosity, self-directed learning, and passion-based work. The Passion Activation Lab (9PAL) provides students freedom to design their own learning during a set period of time during the school day. It allows students to explore their own curiosity through a self-manifested sense of purpose and study while within the support system of the classroom.

Elizabeth Wilson (Director of Gifted & Talented) explains, a key distinction compared to more open, self-directed learning and user-generated learning experiences is that within the 9PAL framework, this student-centred approach is only used a portion of the period, providing students a choice in what they learn and how they learn it during a set period of time within a school day. ”As a learning model, it promotes inquiry, research, creativity, and self-directed learning”.

In traditional learning, teachers map out academic standards, and plan units and lessons based around those standards. In 9PAL, students are in control, choosing what they study, how they study it, and what they do, produce, or create as a result.

Application & Selection Process

Interested students can apply for consideration to the course by completing the google application form here 

Candidates will then meet the Director of Gifted & Talented (Elizabeth Wilson) for an interview to determine their eligibility for the programme.