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Photo by Hannah Cook

Te wiki ō te reo Māori 2021

Hannah Cook —

Te wiki ō te reo Māori is one of the biggest events on the Māori calendar at kura. The consultation with whānau guided how we approached it this year whilst in level two. Some of the highlights from the week were the videos of ākonga throughout the week on Facebook to showcase their reo, with Friday having a culmination of staff and Iaean talking about the importance of te wiki ō te reo Māori or their favourite whakataukī or kīwaha. Each day there were kīwaha ō te rā such as: Karawhiua, Tō ihu, Ka mutu pea, Kaitoa & Maramara keke. There were tools for staff to use such as Māori Dictionary, Kupu ō te rā and Māori Language Movement. Staff and students were encouraged to use kupu as much as possible in order to normalise the language. We look forward to what we will achieve next year for te wiki ō te reo Māori. Kia kaha te reo Māori!