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Jarrod O'Sullivan and students


Tim Grocott —

Jarrod O'Sullivan

It was very sad recently to learn of the passing of our colleague and teacher Mr Jarrod O’Sullivan. 

He was a long serving staff member who has taught ICT and Mathematics at Shirley Boys’ High School since 2009. Prior to teaching Mr O’Sullivan had been a police officer in Queensland, and has taught English in South Korea. It was while serving in the police that Mr O’Sullivan received his injuries that led to him using crutches to walk.

Mr O’Sullivan had friends on the staff, a lot of boys liked him, and enjoyed his teaching and were influenced by other interactions with him around the school. These events always have a significant impact on staff and students and we have been privileged to have received considerable support from our community and the wider education sector.

Earlier this year, Mr O’Sullivan was awarded the Queensland Police Service Medal and the (Australian) National Police Service Medal, both for diligent and ethical service.

His passing is a very sad event. He had family who loved him. They never got say their final goodbyes, but people will continue to remember him fondly. 

Our wishes and thoughts are with those close to Mr O’Sullivan.