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The following subjects are available for students to study in 2021

Geography:   11Geo   Full Year

Course Description: So many of the world’s current issues boil down to geography, and the need for geographers of the future to help us understand them. This course facilitates an understanding of the World, its people and the processes that make it.

Geography students will develop skills to help fully understand our world more fully, using mapping (online and traditional), surveying, research, creating/interpreting resources and field work.

Topics taught include: Topics covered include Natural Features of New Zealand, Map Making and Spatial Analysis, Countries and People of the World, Natural Disasters and Traditional Geography Skills. However, as Geography is a contemporary subject, we do add to and alter the course when current events occur.

Recommended Entry Criteria: Open Entry

Field Trips: Two formal field trips, but we take any small opportunity to get out and about our local area when appropriate.

Qualifications to be gained: 18 Level 1 NCEA credits

Level 1 Numeracy and or Literacy: Yes - 11 Literacy, 4 Numeracy

Next step: 12Geo

Contact Person: Mr Skinner 

Geography:   12Geo   Full Year

Course Description: In a world that faces climate change, pandemics, drought, war, energy shortages, mass migrations, terrorism and fake news! Geography is extremely relevant to life today - Geography is able to help young people understand the world they are growing up in.

Topics taught include: Geographic Skills, GIS mapping, Natural Environments, World Cities, Current Issues and Globalisation.

Field Trip: Two days in Hanmer Springs and a one-day CBD mapping trip.

Recommended Entry Criteria: Minimum of 12 credits from 11Geo, if studied, otherwise Level 1 Certificate.

Qualifications to be gained: 20 Level 2 NCEA credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 4 credits Reading or Writing

Next step: 13Geo

Contact Person: Mr Skinner

Geography:   13Geo   Full Year

 Course Description: Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. This course focuses on natural and cultural processes that operate around us. Natural processes involve a study of the Canterbury coastline, with a focus on the Lyttelton Port. Cultural processes involve a study of Tourism Development in Queenstown. Focusing on growth and the impact of tourism in these settings.

Other topics include: Own Geographic Topic Research, Event Geography in Queenstown, and Advanced Geography Skills. However, as Geography is a contemporary subject, we do add to and alter the course when current events occur.

Field Trips: A four day field trip to Queenstown.

Recommend Entry Criteria: Minimum of 11 credits from 12Geo, if studied, otherwise Level 2 NCEA

Qualifications to be gained: 19 Level 3 NCEA credits

UE Literacy: Yes - 6 credits Reading and 8 credits Reading or Writing.

UE Approved: Yes

Contact Person: Mr Skinner